Principal’s Desk


During the course of the past 25 years of existence,we have achieved much and we therefore,have much to be proud of our efforts. Despite many trials we have encountered on the jounery,we have had many triumphs. The greatest of all, our first principal, Rev. Dr.Jose Aikara C.M. becoming the chairman of the ICSE council,New Delhi. Today,we celebrate those triumphs,but in the midst of this celebration,we pause to contemplate and appreciate the historical process of evolution. It is only by recalling our past that we can understand the genesis of our being and gain a fuller comprehension of ourselves.It is imperative that we all remember,recognize and preserve the contributions of those who dedicated their lives and gave their service in order to ensure that De Paulians’ have a dominant voice in shaping the density of our nation. Achievements however, are always accompained by responsibilities and greater expectation for excellence, never a gift bestowed without a cost.

Our name and fame came with a price tag-one that mandates that we demonstarte a willingness and readiness to excel in every walk of life.If out of almost nothing our predecessors have achieved this,then we should have confidence that we too, can create a more glorious future than the present and the past.On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, I salute those who have gone before, those whose efforts have brought us this far.Although we have come thus far,we still have a long way to travel and we cannot be like weary travellers who seek rest long before the journey is done.Hence, it is necessary that we articulate and embrace a shared vision for our common density- one capable of withstanding all challenges and internal pressures.


The gains we have made must be zealously guarded.But more importantly, we must keep on pushing the frontiers of possibilities.Therefore,we must embrace the advances made in science and technology and be creative and innovative in our thinking,if we are to go boldly into the future.

During the past twenty-five years,through the hard work and commitment,we have been able to lay the basis to become a pseudonym for excellence. We recognize and pay tribute to those who have worked tirelessly in ensuring success in each succeeding batch of students. Since its inception in 1987, many have toiled long and hard to secure gains in education,infrastructural developments and to improve the density of our students. Indeed we have incrementally improved the standard of living of the large majority. We have been able to erect a modern standard of education capable of giving service and meeting the needs of the people.Notwithstanding the valuable contributions of all our participants, I feel honouredto mention those pioneering educationist who laid the solid academic foundation, Rev. Fr. Mathew Onatt C.M., Rev.Dr. Jose Aikara C.M., Rev.Fr.Job K. Thomas C.M., Rev.Dr.Francis Puthenthayil C.M. and Rev.Fr. Sebastian T.J.C.M to name a few .At the mature age of twenty-five years,the organisationalstructure and academic guidance are currently further invigorated by the competence and leadership of very Rev.Fr.Mathew Kallammakal C.M., the president of the school.

We have worked hard to give our students the best education and guidance possible, to become one of the foremost educational institution in Odisha, with a strength of over 2750 students. We have enjoyed the accumulated goodwill of our past students who were happy with the choices they made and the assistance that they received. We are proud of the faith placed in us and proud to have lived up to that trust.We look forward to the next twenty-five years in the belief that education will continue to be of greater and greater importance both individually and collectively in facing the challenges of the future.It is therefore of little suprise that now the vast majority of our new students are invariably a direct refferal from prevoiusly satisfied students. I am sure that there are many students whose lives have been enriched as a result of the high degree of professionalism and personal care that has always been the characterstic mark of De Paul School. Parents are impressed by the hard work,dedication,reliability and openness of teachers. In an age of changing values, De Paul exemplifies all the qualities that we all would wish to see as the standard of the profession.Judging by the large number of students who attend the school, I am confident that the local parents apprecaiate the services provided by De Paul School.

I wish to take this opportunity to say a big. ‘Thank You’ to all our former Presidents, Principals, Staff, Parents and Students, for their continued support and endorsement over the last twenty-five years. We have undrestood from the begining that giving our best to each student is important for their future as well as our own. Our present existence is a testimony of their trust and confidence in us over these 25 years. May De Paul continue to provide stellar educational services to many more enabling them to develop their latent talents and capacities.

St. Vincent,Our heavenly Patron, Intercede for your children in De Paul School.